Angoleiro in action


Hello everybody,

first of all, happy new year! Wish you all the best for 2009 and I am looking forward for a new year full of interesting discussions and and inspiring moments on this and all the other capoeira blogs.
The topic of today’s post is actually nothing world-changing or important in the history of Capoeira Angola, but something I promised months ago and am going to do now. In my post about my favourite Youtube-Clips I said once that I’d post a video once I find something substantial footage of one of my games. A few months ago I found something on Youtube and contacted the person who posted it. This person, Gabrielle, was very nice and did send me the original videos, which were taken with a cell phone camera. I did put them together and did put it back on Youtube.

As for the Roda where the videos were taken. The Roda took place in Amsterdam in the summer of 2008. It was a great day,  with beautiful weather (quite rare in Holland) and especially a nice Roda with Angoleiros and (mainly) modern Capoeiristas (actually the first person I am playing is an Angoleiro, the second a teacher of a local Regional group). I am the guy in black pants and with a white shirt who gets beaten up in the first part (OK, beaten up is a bit exaggerated, but I received one Cabecada, one Chapa and three kicks on my head, all in 2 minutes…).

Enjoy viewing!


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12 responses to “Angoleiro in action

  1. Soldado

    You are a real person 😉

  2. yeah, I thought maybe it’s nice to see that I

    a) exist
    b) am an angoleiro
    c) keep my promises

  3. xixarro

    Nice! 😀
    You can very clearly see you’re an angoleiro playing angola and not a regionalist. Your ginga, your esquivas, your insight.

    Btw: one of my resolutions for 2009: playing a game with angoleiro – angola of course :mrgreen:

  4. Aww I loved watching you play!! Thanks for posting these 🙂

  5. Well, you are welcome! 🙂

  6. Nice video,

    I love watching the personality and expression in Angola games. All the mandinga does a really good job of hiding those attacks


  7. you are welcome norberto!
    though of course the playfulness, the mandinga, and the malicia are not only tools to hide attacks. I play like that because I love to play like that. and when you approach things like that then you also dont get angry when an attack doesnt turn out to be successful (or when you get kicked instead)…

  8. Erfurgem

    a finally letting the world know who you are ey 😉

  9. sometimes you must give people a look into some of your cards 🙂

  10. Hey Angoleiro,

    Didnt know you had this thing going on the internet.
    Where did you get that picture and do you have more?

    I dont understand that you hide yourself behind this name.
    Please use my name if you write about me next time (as Ronnie from the CACNL)…

    the site is nice though,but be careful to check your sources..

    hope to see you in class soon (as a student of Totti that is)


  11. Hey Ronnie,

    I wouldnt call it hiding, but we can discuss that later. Thanks for your comment on the site and of course I check my sources. But you also should be aware of the fact, that I dont declare to tell the absolute truth, just my viewpoints. anyway… see you at class 🙂

    P.S. sorry to not mentioned your name – for all the other readers of this blog. the person I am playing with in the first game (who beats the crap out of me…) is Ronnie, student of totti from capoeira angola center of the netherlands.

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