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Hello world!

Yeah, Hello World!

I started this blog today because of 2 reasons. First of all, I was bored, hanging around and thought, that reason 2 would be a great idea. reason 2: I have found a lot of general “Capoeira”-stuff. Meaning blogs, communities and so on. On the other side, Angoleiros seem to be, as always, under-represented. I wanted to change that. Give some comments¬†on an Angoleiros point of view about rodas, music, play, violence, acrobactics, malicia and all the other thousand facettes which make our sport so beautiful and interesting. And sharing opinions with people thinking alike or non-alike…

As I first have to get myself used to this blogosphere, it might take a while until the first posts are in. But hey, I hope I’ll be able to change THAT quite fast…



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