About me

Welcome to my Blog!

Here I want to tell you a bit about me, about the guy who is behind this blog. The first and most important thing to know about me is, I am not a mestre, just a student. Yes, I am Angoleiro since 2001 and I have see quite a lot in Capoeira, have had experiences with Angoleiros and Regionalistas, and thus decided that it’s time to share my experiences with the world.

About me

I started with Capoeira Angola, because that was the style of Capoeira offered in the university program when I started studying 2001. I didnt know of its existence until the teacher of my first lesson told me this. And I stayed, and I liked it. Of course I have seen Capoeira Regional before, but I liked Angola. Why? I dont know, now I can tell you, what I like more about Capoeira Angola. But back then I think it was just fitting my personality more. The playfulness, the exotism and the apparent lack of big muscles around me were a good starting point. The first lesson I watched I became pretty excited, although the only kick given there was a Meia Lua de Frente (as far as I can remember). The next week I joined the class, and became infected. I learned playing pretty fast (which is not always good) and in the next few summers I spent more time in the park than at class, hanging around with my friends and doing Capoeira.

After a couple of years I got more insight into things as I became more important in the organization of the group. I also was the “example boy” of my trainer and when he was missing, I gave the lessons (actually those times were the times where I learned most about capoeira, interesting, hu?). But times change and even if you fit into your group perfectly and could never think of joining another group, there are times where you have to move on. After 5.5 years in my first group I moved away to Holland, into a new life, new job, new people. And here the first thing I realized about Capoeira Angola was, it is almost non-existent here. There is Totti Angola’s group in Amsterdam though and sometimes I train with him, but Amsterdam is not really around the corner. And as there was lack in Angoleiros around me I decided to train with practitioners of modern Capoeira. For a year I trained with them now, realizing every day more and more, that I am an Angoleiro.

So what is the next station in my Capoeira existence? I don’t know yet. But I will keep you informed if things change.

26 responses to “About me

  1. compromisso

    So you train both? How does Mestre Totti Angola feel about that?

  2. compromisso

    Hey if you can please send me your contact information to jonmalave [at] hotmail [.] com I Run a capoeira social network http://www.capoespaco.com I’d like to link up with you and discuss your website some more, capoeira etc.

  3. angoleiro

    Well, actually I told Totti the other day about it (I am taking lessons only since a few months from him) and he did not react in a specific way. I remember my old teacher saying that at a certain point a person should decide between Angola or Regional. I was always an Angoleiro and only recently started playing modern Capoeira (actually I pretty still maintain my rough “Street Style” I developed with some friends). I think Totti still does not see me as HIS student, so he doesnt tell me what to do… yet…

  4. Oi angoleiro, tudo bem?

    Just found your blog from Joaninha’s… looking really good so far.

    I’d love to link to you from my site
    http://www.capoeira-connection.com – can you send me an image or a banner?

    Abraços de NY
    – Shayna

  5. Methi

    Dear Angoleiro,

    At the moment I am practicing Capoeira Angola with a small group of enthusiasts in Bangkok, Thailand. Unfortunately I have to leave and will be coming to Holland. I would love to be able to continue with Capoeira Angola. What are the possibilities in NL? I also have a regional background. So a school that plays both is also an option. However, I would prefer a pure Angola group.

    Thanks a million.

  6. angoleiro

    Hello Methi, I have to tell you one sad thing. That is: there are not many Angola groups in the Netherlands. Actually, there is only one group from the Capoeira Angola Center of the Netherlands. The training is under Totti Angola, a student of Mestre Joao Grande. Check the website: http://www.capoeira-angola.nl

    If you come, tell me in advance, so I can say hi personally 🙂

  7. I am so happy to have found your blog. I was tag surfing Exu and ended here. I shall blogroll and subscribe straight away.

  8. hi Paul!

    I am glad you landed here 🙂 hope you find interesting things here! I just quick-checked your blog. Looks interesting! See you around!


  9. Gabriel

    Hi, Angoleiro!

    I really admire the job you do… Great stuff with a lot of useful information. Since I’ve found your blog, I’m trying to tell everyone about the articles here but, unfortunately, there are many people who don’t speak English well enough to read it all… That’s one of the reasons I’m writing for – would you be so kind to contact me to discuss the rest?


  10. Hey Gabriel. Thanks for your comment! I’ll contact you. Am quite interested what the other reasons might be 🙂
    Of course it is sad that not everybody can read my posts, but – well – that’s a classical language barrier, right?

  11. Methi

    Dear Angoleiro,

    I posted a note about coming to Holland in June. I will be here for a couple weeks before taking a long vacation in South America including Brazil of course. I will be back right before x-mas. Any developments in the Capoeira Angola scene in NL? I will go and train with Totti tomorrow for one time until I get back.

    By the way, for people who are passing by Bangkok, Thailand and want to train with an Angola Group:



  12. no developments in the Capoeira Angola scene here as far as I know. But I was also quite absent during summertime and will have to go training again (actually today I had my first training in months…and tomorrow I’ll feel it!) hope to see you before x-mas, cause, well, tomorrow I’ll definitely not go to Amsterdam (too far, too late, too much work…)

    Have fun with Totti!

    and have fun in South America!

  13. Hey Angoleiro! I was just browsing randomly (have an as-yet-unfinished presentation due tomorrow, so go figure) and thought I’d give you a hat tip that Faisca once gave me: If you write out whole email addresses like in your contact box without replacing the @ or period, spammers and bots can automatically rip it off your site for spam mailing lists!

  14. thanks joanhinha! corrected it directly! hope your presentation will be fine!


  15. Erfurgem

    Just started reading bits and pieces of your Blog… Love your writing, so clear and coherent. And your love for capoeira (angola) just oozes out of every post!
    I think, if my stubbornness wont get too much involved (hey, you know me 😉 ), I could learn a lot here (now, dont get too haughty! 😉 ).

  16. Hah!
    thanks 🙂 and you know what, you can avoid your stubbornness by reading the stuff here but not telling me that you did learn it from this blog.Like “hey, I knew this before…” 😉
    and I try to keep my ego low… am working hard on it!

  17. Erfurgem

    Be carefull what you wish for… you might get it! Keeping your ego low; you know Im good at that! 😉

  18. no…I think I do it myself. Thanks for the offer 🙂

  19. Hi angoleiro!

    Greetings from Croatia! I want to translate and publish your posts on our homepage/blog and link them back to you, so please send me an email.

    Thanks in advance!


  20. Hey there,

    I’m the owner of the Greek Capoeira Community – http://www.capoeirista.gr
    I like your blog and I would like us to exchange links. I can add you to my Links section (I have a Blog category actually) and you can add us too.
    What you think?


  21. jali

    Hello Angoleiro,

    I’m Jali from Indonesia. I’m so glad that I found your blog that mainly written in capoeira angola topics.

    Now, I learned capoeira in one of the most famous regional grupo in the country. Actually, a few months after my batizado last year, i just realized that capoeira angola is the one for me.
    That “moment of truth” was happened when I watched Cobra Mansa’s videos and often in the middle of the jogo, I laughed, worry, curious, sometimes I feel the excitement about what was gonna happen to his opponents, what kind of trickery he would use.

    I don’t know how to explain it but when I watched his videos, I could feel “something”. Maybe it was some conversations in physical movements or something else.
    I just don’t feel the same emotional attachment when I watch or perform in another style.

    It’s so sad that there is no capoeira angola grupo in Indonesia and I found that capoeira angola enthusiasts are minorities. FYI, in my class, only three people who really enjoy playing angola, and we even practice angola outside our formal class with the guide of Mr. Youtube. ;P

    I promise myself that my informal angola class will not go in vain. I have a dream that I’ll bring Cobra Mansa or one of capoeira angola mestres come in Indonesia and open classes. Or maybe if you have a plan to go in my country, let me know so we can practice together :))

    Hmm…that’s all I –capoeira angola lover– want to share with you as an angoleiro.

    Warmest regards from Indonesia, salve!

  22. Che

    Hey there Angoleiro,

    I just wanted to thank you for writing this blog.
    I’ve been playin’ capoeira for almost a year now(it’ll be a year in July). And I really enjoy your blog.
    I’ve played Capoeira Angola before, at my 1st batizado. And I loved playing it. Although Capoeira Angola isn’t my style(I being taught in the miudinho style), I still love it. And hold a very strong respect for it.

    paz y amor

  23. Sankará

    Sou Capoeira!
    E’ defesa, ataque
    A ginga de corpo
    E a malandragem

    Muito Axé

  24. Sankará

    E’ defesa, ataque
    A ginga de corpo
    E a malandragem!

    Saludos desde México, muy chido el blog, felicitaciones y mucho Axé para la capoeira.

  25. salve para todos aqui! e ai Angoleiro!

    Ive just read some of the posts here…good capoeira words are being spread out 😉

    Some of my thoughts here. About the regional/angola thing. To be honest, I prefer to categorize too much. I believe people should discover their ‘real self’ and sometimes, this ‘self’ could fit in multiple categories…For me, I like to develop both (well, more accurately would be ‘all’) capoeira games. Sometimes I feel like dreaming away with angola songs, playing singing, dancing, etc. and then another day its the regional game that attracts me more. Then I use a angola thing in a regional game, to suprise to other (dont really like to do in the other way around, but that also merely a choice based on what feels good to me…)….

    so i say, do what feels best for you (all who read this)…we can learn from so many people, regardsless of their styles….

    just put your heart into the roda! thats all 😉


  26. Wonderful posts angoleirio.

    Come back and blog once more….come back!


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