My favourite Youtube-Clips!

I realized the other day that I did write mostly about serious topics. That is ok, cause, well, Capoeira Angola is something I take serious. But as important as all the cultural aspects and the little rules and the philosophy of capoeira is the fact that Capoeira Angola is FUN!!! I sadly dont have any real footage showing me playing (if I do I’ll promise to post it!), so I decided to post my favourite Capoeira Angola youtube videos this time. I will also say one or two things about them, although, most of the time the videos are talking for themselves.

The first video does show a footage I have already in my history page in this blog. It shows the two Grand Mestres of Capoeira Angola, Mestre Joao Grande and Mestre Joao Pequeno, playing.

As these guys do not get younger but are still alive and kickin’ and it is just a great atmosphere to see 160 years of Capoeira Angola in one circle the second video is also one of my favorite ones.

There is a lot more and many other videos from mestres I admire. One of them is Mestre Cobra Mansa (of course!) and so I want to put one of my absolute favourite videos in here, too. He is playing Mestre Ponchianinho here, from Cordao de Ouró. It is also one of the proof videos that Capoeira Angola does have a rough game, too.

But on the other side, there are also very beautiful games which do not show (much) antagonism. The next video is a premium example for this. It shows two students of Mestre Jogo de Dentro and there almost perfect interplay in the roda.

Some other Mestre who is just plain very interesting in his style is Mestre Camaleao, who seems to have a huge amount of moves I’d never dare to use in a roda (out of fear that my opponent would kill me afterwards!). He is also a rough player, at least in this video.

Another video is actually a footage from a whole DVD which is quite high on my to-buy list. It’s from the DVD Ypiranga de Pastinha. If somebody knows where to find it. TELL ME! 😀

Although it is the third time that I have Cobra Mansa in my video collection this video is not about him but about a 10 year old boy who is definitely somebody I should keep in eye! Check him out!

And last but not least a bit of a musical final. A guy getting interesting sounds out of the Berimbau!

I hope you enjoyed this little collection of Capoeira videos. And my message for this post is quite simple. Never, never forget that Capoeira and Capoeira Angola is for joy!

I would also like to see what YOU people like. Which youtube videos can you recommend?

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