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6th Anniversary of the Capoeira Angola Center of the Netherlands

Hello people,

Capoeira Angola might not be big in the Capoeira scene of Holland, but thanks to a few people it is well represented and continues to serve the art and the community! To celebrate the 6th Anniversary of the Capoeira Angola center in Amsterdam, led by Totti Angola (senior student of mestre Joao Grande), everybody is invited to Amsterdam on the 5th of July, 2009. Everything else you can read on the flyer posted below:

6th Anniversary

Be there or be square (and thus, not a Roda 😉 )


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Angoleiro going online again!

Hello people! I havent being doing nothing about this blog for 3 months now.
During this time I had some new ideas and discarded some old ideas – and all that will express itself on this blog soon, I hope. So dont miss it when “Angoleiro” comes back to the blogosphere, trying to keep you updated about all the beautiful little details and stories around the art of Capoeira Angola.



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Angoleiro in action


Hello everybody,

first of all, happy new year! Wish you all the best for 2009 and I am looking forward for a new year full of interesting discussions and and inspiring moments on this and all the other capoeira blogs.
The topic of today’s post is actually nothing world-changing or important in the history of Capoeira Angola, but something I promised months ago and am going to do now. In my post about my favourite Youtube-Clips I said once that I’d post a video once I find something substantial footage of one of my games. A few months ago I found something on Youtube and contacted the person who posted it. This person, Gabrielle, was very nice and did send me the original videos, which were taken with a cell phone camera. I did put them together and did put it back on Youtube.

As for the Roda where the videos were taken. The Roda took place in Amsterdam in the summer of 2008. It was a great day,  with beautiful weather (quite rare in Holland) and especially a nice Roda with Angoleiros and (mainly) modern Capoeiristas (actually the first person I am playing is an Angoleiro, the second a teacher of a local Regional group). I am the guy in black pants and with a white shirt who gets beaten up in the first part (OK, beaten up is a bit exaggerated, but I received one Cabecada, one Chapa and three kicks on my head, all in 2 minutes…).

Enjoy viewing!


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Intermezzo: while waiting for the series

I just found this on the web and thought people might want to watch it – while waiting for the first post of the African Roots-series. The first post is going well, by the way, I have now checked enough sources to write some coherent stuff.

So people, check this out, it’s wonderful and it is a clear evidence: Capoeira is old!


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Hello world!

Yeah, Hello World!

I started this blog today because of 2 reasons. First of all, I was bored, hanging around and thought, that reason 2 would be a great idea. reason 2: I have found a lot of general “Capoeira”-stuff. Meaning blogs, communities and so on. On the other side, Angoleiros seem to be, as always, under-represented. I wanted to change that. Give some comments on an Angoleiros point of view about rodas, music, play, violence, acrobactics, malicia and all the other thousand facettes which make our sport so beautiful and interesting. And sharing opinions with people thinking alike or non-alike…

As I first have to get myself used to this blogosphere, it might take a while until the first posts are in. But hey, I hope I’ll be able to change THAT quite fast…


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