Intermezzo: while waiting for the series

I just found this on the web and thought people might want to watch it – while waiting for the first post of the African Roots-series. The first post is going well, by the way, I have now checked enough sources to write some coherent stuff.

So people, check this out, it’s wonderful and it is a clear evidence: Capoeira is old!


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5 responses to “Intermezzo: while waiting for the series

  1. cineasta81

    Good to know another Angoleiro around the world.
    I am Gustavo from Brasil, and I play capoeira angola for 6 months.
    Capoeira has been pre-concepted in Africa, But it has born in Brasil.

    Let´s trade ideas about capoeira 😀

  2. angoleiro

    Oi Gustavo, believe me, there are more Angoleiros out there, we just keep a low profile 😉
    And yes, let’s trade ideas about capoeira, that’s what we are here for! About Africa being preconcepted in Africa and born in Brazil or not, well, there is some posts I am gonna make in the next few weeks… so we will see 🙂

  3. xixarro

    Haha, funny movie angoleiro!

  4. pirulito

    yeah, more shrewdness in capoeira!
    our wonderful nature rulz.


  5. Lol! Finally got around to watching this video, and it was hilarious! Parafuuusooooo hahahah

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